Tarkkuustuonti is a separate department in company Oy Grönblom Ab specialized in metrology products.

We supply instruments e.g to following measuring applications like;

• length and diameter
• surface texture
• form and position
• tool presetting
• hardness testing
• laser interferometer
• video measuring
• 2D/3D CMMs
• machine tool inspection
• levelling and inclination
• flatness and straightness
• calibration and setting of
measuring tools
• force and torque

Tarkkuustuonti – precision is our passion.

Together with our measuring experts you will find a solution to most of measuring problems you might have, doesn’t matter if the part to be measured is small or large. Our partners are leading companies in metrology field and high quality is their main issue. Please, do not hesitate to contact us, our knowledge is at your service.

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